These are the people in my life

It will all melt into a mess after a while… strolling on the deck of a starship with our heads hooked into andromeda, we’re gonna hijack, get back, ahead to the things that matter like bicycles and beer and chocolate and pumpkins and cats and kids and wives and sacks and we’re all going to St. Ives.

My name is Mark Evans. I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I wander along the paths here. This will be a dialogue and notebook about each end of that path and what lies along the axis.

here are some significant people and things in my life.

Mindy at Seaside

Mindy Peeking thru the hole at Seaside


Mindy with Josh






Elly with her cousin (!) Michael


peter from portland


Mark Peeking thru the hole at Seaside


Janie in the foreground, Max the dog, and the late and well loved, Critter on top of daddy.


Janie (left) and her late but well loved buddy, Critter (right). These cats loved to snuggle

For cat lovers, here is a memorial to Critter who left us a little more than a year ago.
A Tribute to Critter: A Good Cat for so long,

It appears I don’t have access to pictures of Skitch, the latest stray to join the house. Believe me…she is significant. Come back again!


3 responses to “These are the people in my life

  1. Oh, you don’t look anything like that sneering guy on the preface page! I thought he looked suspiciously like Andy Kaufman. I like your family pictures. I hope you post photos of your dog and cats, since they can’t have their own blogs (I think).

  2. Yeah they are a handsome group. Thanks. I think I have some pics of the critters.

  3. Oh, the tribute to Critter is sweet! She was a dear, indeed. Meow.

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