It comes like a wheel, a turning of steel, a rotary feeling

The world is changing and the world stands still.  Mostly time just rambles by way too fast and the child grows up too quickly and the hair falls out and the nose hair needs clipping and the car stops working and knee doesn’t hurt it is just a ‘challenge’ and the groceries are heavier and Friday means  Saturday is next and  Sunday and Monday.

Do we draw a straight line and follow it or do we scribe a crooked path, get lost, and throw away the watch? How about the car? What’s with the car anyway?  Sure. Freedom.  How about no car? Hey, is this one of those Car-Free things? Is that what this BLOG is all about?  (BLOG?) Some guy preaching to us – get rid of your cars, your lawnmowers, your computers, your TV’s, your ATV’s, your ATM’s, DMV, your micro-wave and your edible food-like substances? Hell no.  I love my Dr. Who and the occasional sporting event and 30 Rock (and some other shows that I won’t admit to).  It’ll be funny if this blog is still alive in a few years when those are extinct.

I do like my push mower and my bicycles. And my guitar upon which I can play songs in the Key of D like it’s no one’s business. And my mark makers. And my wife and all the kids (names will be left out to protect the innocent and the not-so). And beer. Beer is good. Really good beer. Not super expensive beer, you know, 7-8 bucks will get you some really good shit that hangs in your mouth for an hour or so. And pumpkins. Pumpkins are great. And avocados. And bread and chocolate. Gail Ambrosius. Yum. Cabbage. Cabbage I could leave behind but I promise to eat it whenever a significant other makes it.

Here’s a picture of a bicycle that I ride.

Takara Medalist 650B commuter

This is the bike that I ride to work because I sold my car to a graduate student and I like it (uh huh)

I ride in the day and when it is dark. I will try to get some pictures of that ride. That’s what this will be about. It will be about days, and riding, and drawing a line across a town and a state and across a life and the things that intersect (gads, this is getting so spiritual, eh? Zing… the hook goes in the mouth and reel ’em in!) Maybe I’ll promote your blog. I think my sister has a blog. That’s what I will do, I will find her blog and put a link here. We are building a village here!  Now bring all of your unwanted things (wooden and paper please) to the village center and we will have a huge bonfire!


One response to “It comes like a wheel, a turning of steel, a rotary feeling

  1. You REALLY like pumpkins don’t you? And bread and chocolate. And avocadoes. And riding your bike. I like to cook things from pumpkins and talk about it on my blog (I have a blog). I don’t like too many beers, but we had some Alley Cat Amber Ale in Cedarburg last weekend. I really liked it! It tasted like honey. I need to find some around here. Your bike is cool. If I didn’t work so far from home, I would ride my bike to work just like you. Your BLOG is very cool so far.

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