Abraham Lincoln: The Only Color Photograph

Matthew Bradys only color photo of Abraham Lincoln_b

The only known color photograph of Abraham Lincoln taken by Matthew Brady (just after the mushroom harvest of 1858)

November 2008

(Exclusive of the UPZ)

Archivists, curators and designers at Oshkosh B’Gosh are puzzling over the recent discovery of the only color photograph taken of Abraham Lincoln by famed photojournalist and house wrecker, Matthew Brady. Brady, who left a trail of glass negatives and broken hearts across the un-united union, was well-known for his documentation of this and that during and after the time of the Civil War. The photo, taken just after the Oregon Mushroom harvest of 1858, shows Lincoln dressed in what appears to be Limited Edition Woodstock Oshkosh overalls, with a stoney glint in his eyes.

The photo (seen above) was discovered in a lost envelope that had just been found. It contained, among other things, two tickets to a Homestead Grays baseball game, a Wrigleys gum wrapper, 1400 S&H Greenstamps, the Declaration of Independence, a rough draft of the Gettysburg Address, a shoelace, a letter from mom, and a lock of blonde hair. Carbon dating originally placed the age of the item as 1958, but a mistake by a dyslexic machine operator was corrected, revealing the discovery.

Harold, a curator at the Smithsonian was quoted as saying, ” It’s pretty damn cool.”

The photo is currently on display at the Samantha Eggers Middle School in Silver Springs, Maryland as part of Ms. Welch’s American History section. Further research will continue when mid-term grades are sent out and the kids become distracted by the holidays.

We will be celebrating this discovery with an unusual retrospective of Lincoln in this, the 201st anniversary of his birth.



One response to “Abraham Lincoln: The Only Color Photograph

  1. We have heard from some parties who insist that this discovery is not, after all, a photograph (at all), but some other form of graphic.

    We repeat our assertion that we have it, from one moderately reliable (human) source, who declares, with a 52% certainty that this is indeed a photograph. This un-named source quotes other anonymous sources from Wikipedia for his assertion. Everyone knows that Wikipedia and the internet are two of the most reliable sources we have.

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