C’mon People Where is your sense of Humor?

The legions of Papa Wheelettes are anxious for another post. Well, wheelers… it’s time to be more like a normal blog and piss and moan about those who are pissing and moaning.

It’s like someone said: “people are losing their sense of humor.” I think it was my wife’s ex, but that’s okay… he’s got a good sense of humor.

Take for example this week we had over 16 inches of snow here in Madison, WI. Mind you, this was basically the first snow of the season. We didn’t get any chance to break in on the whole idea of snow and winter. It just came down in enourmous ooblickey gobs over the course of 25 hours and then the temperature dropped to zero for three days. So the wise old Mayor choose to just plow the streets and hold off on the spreading of salt until the temps rose. Well it was a grotey mess, a Mucky-muck if I ever saw one. On a bike, the side streets were like sledding through deep cornstarch. The bike paths, on the other hand, were pretty nice: tamped down snow with ice patches – perfect for my STUDDED tires (woot! that’s what my daughter would say though I’m not sure what it means, but it sounds pretty good).

Gobs of Snow snow snow

Well everyone started complaining and calling for the ouster of the Mayor from office. Mostly members of the car culture. I did take a bus one day cause it was dang cold, and it did take me like 1.5 hours to get home, but all the way on the bus, we were having a great old-time – everyone except those people with their noses up against their personal communication devices, keeping in tune with the stuff going on outside. But the rest of us were just smiling, shaking our heads, saying ‘well, that’s the way it is what can yah do about it?’

Meanwhile, the rest of the world was losing it’s sense of humor. Drivers – their little bellies very hungry and their cell phones plastered against their ears, listening to the day’s voice mail for the 4th time – were leaning hard on their horns, wondering why there was a 5 mile back up in the Johnson Street (it’s because there are PLOWS OUT, silly… that’s what happens when it snows like this). Mostly the drivers were losing touch with reality. Seriously… it’s a blizzard outside and people believe that 60 snow plows and $20,000 dollars and some tons of salt are going to be able to fix that in two hours? This snow has taken millions of years to refine it’s gig and it AIN’T gonna be ‘fixed’ in a couple hours. These are the same people who believe that the Army Corp of Engineers have done a bang up job ‘fixing’ the Mississippi River, preventing floods, and saving the delta from the ravages of silt. Like this is going to happen. Same people who think that farmers grow food (mostly they grow Corn Sweetener)… and they have something to do with that silt problem too. Sure, we can try stuff, and god nose we have, thrown billions of dollars in the hope that we can control nature and then toddle on with our life everyday… and NEVER have to take a day off from work, cause, well, that just flies in the face of what this country is all about, right? We gotta get out there, feed the machine, work work work, look out for # 1!

This is the problem. Americans – no, excuse me… citizens of the United States (Mexicans and Canadians don’t seem to have a problem with taking time off, nor do the French or the Samoans)… we need to chill out a bit. It’s not that important, people. Don’t take yourselves so seriously. Laugh a little. Slow down.

So now I have to go out and ride my bike home through the ice and cold. Then do some holiday shopping. I sure hope some shoppers read this. shopping is a stressful thing for me and I’ll be laughing all the way to Macy’s.

I’m done.


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