Winter Olympics Preview

(PWNI) Dateline: Vancouver, BC, CA.
The Winter Olympiad in Vancouver is right around the corner, and the Notebook wanted to do a quick preview of the games for you olympinuts. You’ll be happy to know that the TV network that will be broadcasting the games has already lost millions of dollars on the event. Rumour has it that it will be broadcast commercial free!

Here are some highlights: skier Lindsay Vonn, cute guys figure skating, really young girls figure skating, hockey, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, Russian guys cross country skiing with guns, whack ski jumpers, totally whack kids on ski boards and skis flying through the air doing even more whack tricks, defying doctors orders, and talking really krazy. Oh and Curling too. Oh and guys laying on top of other guys on tiny sleds going super fast down icy tracks. It’s all awesome and it’ll be cold and if the Canadians are lucky, there will be a few inches of snow too (and Labatts beer).

As a preview, we present a portrait of some of America’s hopefuls:

Apollo Anton Ohno, Rachael Flatt, and some hockey player who is missing his teeth. Do you have your favorites? If so, let the Notebook know. Until then we will be yelling: “Go USA! Go Albania! Go Kashmir!”


2 responses to “Winter Olympics Preview

  1. Two words, fella: Sean White! He rocked the games! And he makes awesomely funny commercials for Target. And he made something like $10 million last year just by being a snowboard dude. But he’s a redhead. How cool is that? We loved him. Still not sure about the 4-man luge, though. Like, what, exactly, do the two guys in the middle do when they’re snugged inside that thing. What does the last guy do for that matter? How can four guys effectively steer a sled going 90 miles an hour? Don’t get it.

  2. Sean was cool. Sean was rad. Sean was smooth. Sean was Rad.
    Those cats in the 4-man bobsled? I know what they were doing: they were texting their friends… did you notice how often they crashed? You should not text and ride in a bobsled at the same time.

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