Blogger out of Exile

I’m sure many of you bloggettios have been wondering: “Where has our humble narrator danced off to?” Getting sick of the loon on the front page, the saccharine sentiments regarding a baseball club from Chicago that could actually pull it off? (oh say it ain’t so, Joe… where’s the eternal optimist now?) And I’m sure a few are wondering” “hey, what happened to ‘Misty’ that sweet and fragrant and blue WordPress theme that you had (somehow) grown so attached to?” Well, Coraline came along and just won my heart. So I clicked and that was that.

The Bike Wisconsin Wrecking Crew: Me, Gregory Goodness, and Brennan (don't mess with him, he has a knife)

Anyway, it’s been a lovely, hot, frustrating, exhausting and foot grinding summer out on the road working the bike tours. We’re like carnys but with a bachelor of arts degree. I must say I had a great time working with the three criminals above. Brennan could’ve been my son, but we treated each other like equals (which is nice considering B. finagled lots of beer outta me). If it wasn’t for Greg’s muscles, we never could’ve gotten those motel bags delivered. The tent service was a huge ordeal, but Brennan made it work, and the staff and volunteers pitched in big time. Hats off to everyone.

Hey, Brennan is up in Seattle now, making his way in their school system, either as a PA or PE instructor. best of luck to the young man. Greg H. starts a course in visual something or other at MATC this fall. He latched into some government program that pays him to go to school. Go stimulus package!

Hey I’m getting into my studio more, doing some lino-cut printing and maybe a drypoint prints too. I got a new toy – a small printing press. it’s it totally cool. Now I can REALLY make some impressions. I promise to get some pics up cause I know everyone loves pictures.

Hey Mindy continues her Yoga Teacher training and is queued up to visit India late this fall. Too cool! They will hit lots of sacred locales like Dar es Salaam, Delhi, and some places way way up high in the north. With luck she’ll bring back one of those tunicky things for me.

Hey The cats are terrorizing the bird lady and her loony spouse across the street. I’m sure it’s nothing more than the occasional cat dookie in the garden. Hey, if she stopped feeding peanuts to the squirrels, I might do something about it… but those damn squirrels just come over and start digging up our garden, and our seedlings, trying to bury their stupid peanuts. The occasional cat-slain chipmunk? Hey, some collateral damage occurs in every conflict. What’s a headless grinny in the grand scheme of things. Hey There are WAY TOO MANY chipmunks in the world.

Hey I couldn’t resist this Gibson in the last year. A real tone monster and fun as hell. It has chased all the others out of the house. It’s fun as hell and makes me feel like an old folksinger… which I am! Did I say it’s fun as hell? I did? What the hell’s that all about, Hey!

Gibson J-185

Oh and as far as the Cubs go… Starlin Castro Rocks!

Hey, let’s make it a short blog this time. Later!


4 responses to “Blogger out of Exile

  1. I’m digging that printing press, and want to know more about the stimulus money Greg got his hands on. I wouldn’t mind returning to school!

    I think our cat Lilly would be happy to hear you think there are too many chipmunks in the world. She juggles chipmunks somewhere in the ‘hood and always returns with one hanging from her jowls. There are some in the house that aren’t so happy about it.

    Welcome back to blogging! Looking forward to more.

  2. Mark,
    Love the new Gibson. I was just checking out your blog the other day and I saw it standing there glistening in the camera flash.
    I recently strung the Martin with some new lighter gauge strings and tweaked the neck a bit. It plays so much better. I have rediscovered playing again. Seems my overall interests in some other stuff changed and led me back to playing. I plan to commit a bit more and become a better player. It helps when your fingers don’t blister and bleed from playing.

    • Hey! Thanks. Hey, you know I loved that old Martin. More info at Face book baby!

    • Meg – I’ll try to figure out where that money came from. I think Greg H. got laid off and it was some unemployment program. The press: I may crank up the idea of a joint print project again. He check this out:

      Too cool! I’m gonna try it!
      The Grinny slaughter is an issue with many is a high profile group attempting to protect them worldwide. But they taste too good to worry about that. Plus those cheeks… c’mon!

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