About the Notebook and Creator

Welcome to the Notebook.

Papa Wheelie’s Notebook is a collaboration of essays by myself, Mark Evans, and a small cadre of notable writers from various quadrants of contemporary culture. Authors, syndicated columnists AND stringers from the fabled defunct AP bureaus who have broken through with the gutsy truth will be featured each week. From the Big Head on the Bed to the Smithsonian, the Notebook shines its 55 watts of light on the compelling topics, subjects, and objects that compel each of us to wake up each day and do what we have to do before dinner. Truth, truthiness, and truthiosity will bend but not break under the weight of well chosen words and periodically correct punctuation.

We at the Notebook invite you, the reader, to return and perhaps subscribe to the Notebook. Like brains, the Notebook provides food for thought – food to get you through the unbearable lightness and heaviness of your lives. So subscribe, dammit, it’s the right thing to do. Consider a constructive way to waste time

UPDATE: The Notebook is now formatted to have the last three posts on the first page. All readers who desire the normal BLOG experience can now get it — despite the fact that this BLOG is like no other blog in BLOG-O-LAND. The notebook is currently formatted to have just one, one, one post on each page. Between you and me, I get really confused reading blogs cause they are sorta backwards as you scroll down. Please do click on category  links on the right if you want to read other older stuff. If you are looking for the latest, check the dates or click HOME. They correspond to the days on a calendar.  If you require some assistance, click on ‘A Fuzzy Reality’ for recommendations on what truths to start with. Or just pick a link and go crazy. Hey, it’s therapeutic, and every one needs a little therapy, right? Even my cats need a treatment now and then. And leave a frickin’ comment now and then so I know someone is alive out there. My radio has not worked since the last nuclear test.


cat cat cat cat

One of the cats that need a treatment


2 responses to “About the Notebook and Creator

  1. This is a good example of a BLOG! I will read your posts because not only is it good therapy to write things on your own blog, it’s good therapy to read other people’s blogs. Coincidentally, I am a middle aged woman from the midwest and I also have a blog. Blogging is a good thing to do when it gets cold in the midwest. Adults are so interesting! Is that an actual picture of you?

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog, especially with respect to anything related to bicycling. Can you please tell me if you know what tubing material is used on your beautiful Takara Medalist?

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