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My Gelatin Prints on Display at Lakeside Coffee House

A grouping of 24 gelatin plate prints from 4 series is currently on display at Lakeside Coffee House 402 W. Lakeside St – right behind the knitting show. Great coffee and food and a fabulous view of Lake Monona. The show will be on display until the first week of April. Come on down and see it!

"Garden: Day"


Bread is Good for You

In the spirit of full disclosure, we are throwing all the cards over. Yes, it’s true… bread is good for you. Eat it with butter, eat it with jam, with ham, with cheese, with smelly cheese, with smelly feet, eat it with your feet (some people do and some people have to). Eat it with slabs of chocolate, with hummus, or a spread of frog leg pate and cilantro, or with chocolate again, or add some Tennessee Sunshine Sauce with a strip of gator meat, or even dipped in milk with some cooked egg. Wrap it around your corn on the cob, place it on your head, toss it to the birds, press into muffin tins, toast it, and fill it with creamed tuna (or better, Buddig creamed chippped-beef!). Bread is good for you. Write a poem about it, scratch it out, remove your nicotine patch, make it from scratch, dry it out and scratch your back with it (o’ baby now you doing the chicken scratch!).

Unless you have an intolerance toward bread, then we suggest you avoid it. But feel free to enjoy any of the toppings: spread them generously on a slab of non-bread substance. Be a “Bread head” (get on the bus, dude). I could say more, more about bread, but I think I have said, enough I have said.

The bread the bread!

Sept. 13 1958. This giant loaf of bread, measuring just under 18 feet long, was spotted in a field near What Cheer, Iowa. The bread, based on a french country recipe and using an active levain starter, was still warm when discovered by two members of the What Cheer High School cross country team. This picture was taken just prior to the arrival of the chain saws.