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Dachshunds, Duos and Brazil

Here are a few new gelatin prints – some ideas are works in progress. It usually takes 20-30 images before I get it down. That means I have 25 to go for the Dachsies and boucoup for the Duets. I’m up for it!


Dachsunds #2


Brazil #1

Brazil #2B

Brazil #3



My Gelatin Prints on Display at Lakeside Coffee House

A grouping of 24 gelatin plate prints from 4 series is currently on display at Lakeside Coffee House 402 W. Lakeside St – right behind the knitting show. Great coffee and food and a fabulous view of Lake Monona. The show will be on display until the first week of April. Come on down and see it!

"Garden: Day"


Here are a few new gelatin prints from the early part of February 2012. I’m exploring subjective images that tap dance on the edge of reality. From the Mali Series: FROM THE RAVEN SERIES:

Papa Wheelie’s Print Shop is now open on ETSY!

Yes! You can now see my latest gelatin plate prints and purchase them as well on ETSY. Papa Wheelie is proud to present . Papa Wheelie’s Print Shop A good sample of work will be available with new images added every couple days. If you have questions or if you are interested in acquiring one of the prints, please feel free to contact me any time via the email contact link. Suggestion: my series of images look great in groups of two and three!

The Fisher