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Dachshunds, Duos and Brazil

Here are a few new gelatin prints – some ideas are works in progress. It usually takes 20-30 images before I get it down. That means I have 25 to go for the Dachsies and boucoup for the Duets. I’m up for it!


Dachsunds #2


Brazil #1

Brazil #2B

Brazil #3



My Gelatin Prints on Display at Lakeside Coffee House

A grouping of 24 gelatin plate prints from 4 series is currently on display at Lakeside Coffee House 402 W. Lakeside St – right behind the knitting show. Great coffee and food and a fabulous view of Lake Monona. The show will be on display until the first week of April. Come on down and see it!

"Garden: Day"


Here are a few new gelatin prints from the early part of February 2012. I’m exploring subjective images that tap dance on the edge of reality. From the Mali Series: FROM THE RAVEN SERIES: