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The Antidote for Campaign Deformation

Time for a day ramble.
A lot of things have my grundies in a twist. This whole Supreme Court ruling whereby trillionaire corporations can stuff the airways with the issues that they want rammed home during election years is beyond me. Not to sound too simplistic, but did someone spike the Justices’ Ensure over the lunch hour? Someone must be behind the bench goosing under those silky robes. Freaky droids in black! I’m sure there is some logic (in their graying brains), but hasn’t campaign finance reform been on the radar for like 25 years?

Hey, I love the new style!

Oh I’m sure that monolithic health care and pharmaceutical corporations will spend their mountains of Benjamins on ads promoting health care reform, raising taxes on the haves, a viable public option for uninsured, and against big bonuses for millionaire CEOs. If you ask me, it’s the new Trojan Horse. Keep an eye on those long, exquisitely produced commercials against everything that the president and the Democrats are working for, credited to some innocuous sounding group like The National Trust… now that wouldn’t be Merck or Exxon, really? Really.

Warning people as this may come as a huge shock: don’t believe everything you see on TV and read on the internet. I must warn you that there is a possibility that what you are reading here is not really dependable either… nahhhhhhhh. You can believe yer Papa. As soon as you disconnect yourself from big Oil, you become a legit resource. I’m pretty disconnected, not totally, but closer. Come a little closer… just come, come take a look.

Oil Drilling on Lake Monona, 2010 (another GOP program)

Speaking of which, the days are getting longer! Temps are slooooooooowly creeping over 30F. We’ve had a little snow – which really jams up in the fender by the chainstays. Last night, when I got to my driveway, I had to walk ‘er up cause the wheel was stuck tight! Whapped it with a broom and now it’s fine.

Statue of Liberty Sunk in Lake Mendota (another GOP program)

And oil rigs have popped up on Lake Monona and Lady Liberty has re-appeared on Lake Mendota. Birds are scarce at the feeders. Crows are cruising. The commute is sweet with the slightly moderating temps. I’m off the studded tire bike, preferring my 650B Takara – which handles the ice and snow pack perfectly. At 6PM the light is perfectly surreal. That far away sun is fingering along the west, smudging the clouds with copper and saffron and Tumeric, hanging just a few seconds longer each day. The capital dome is red this month, and the MGE stacks send their steam trails down wind just a little less each day. Tiny dogs are out walking their owners. Ducks chatter below the Yahara bridge and the tattered coats shuffle in line for their free meal at Ingersol and Wilson. Blinkies blink and stop lights wink and maggots sink on the end of tip ups. I love that garlic fog by the noodle place. You honk, I wave; you honk cause you are pissed at the biker, I keep waving.

Takara 650B Snow Collector

I love that long stretch behind Monroe where the ghost of America’s Railroad still lurks. Run Rabbit, Run! Watch me crank up the Glenway hill, watch me puff, hear me huff. The burger smell at Village Bar. Gas prices are up at BP. Watch our for the ice on Waverly. A Dog barks hello… the cat silhouette in the window. Hey Janie! I’m Home.

Biking home: beats the hell out of Campaign Deformation.